The moment I knew that people were following my leading( Unconsciously though) and listening attentively to the words that I speak was when I decided to take my life more seriously. I mean I can’t let these people down and God has been helping me to do just that. I have come to realize that the reason why those people do this is because they recognize that I value them whether I know them personally or not.
Look, no man is an island. Value people cause you need them more than you think. Some people do say they need God and so they don’t need people. Yes, you need God like crazy but God won’t come down from heaven to help you instead he places people in different aspects and areas of your life to help you and many times, they can be people that we least expect. You are meant to be a blessing to others. Never forget that and people are also meant to be a blessing to you so value this great gift of people. Never look down on anyone. Be blessed to be a blessing.

Thanks for reading and God bless you.

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