Words are very powerful. More powerful than you think. Watch the way you relate with people. I mean be careful of what you say to people no matter how close they are to you. Negative words can kill a person, it can kill a person’s hope or dream and when someone’s hope or dream dies, then the person has nothing to live for so he is literally dead.
Many times, a lot of people say the wrong things or speak negative words to others unconsciously. To avoid this, be an optimistic person. Always be positive to yourself, always be joyful. If you do these, you will have no problem communicating the right words to people. Consciously and unconsciously, you will always speak positive faith-filled words.

In conclusion, don’t be the reason why a person commits suicide(literally or not) instead be the reason why a person is hopeful and expectant of a bright future.

Thanks for reading and God bless you.

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