In achieving your goals and dreams, you need to be focused, diligent and disciplined but asides that, you need to be courageous. You can’t achieve your goals and dreams without this important element in place.
A soldier can’t go to war without being courageous from the inside out if not he will be killed even before he sets his feet in the war zone. Look, achieving your goals and dreams is like a war. You will have challenges, people will oppose you, you will definitely feel like giving up but with courage, you can make it. You need courage to win.

Now, let me tell you what courage can do for you- Courage will make you a champion because a champion is never weak. You become a problem solver when you are courageous, there is no challenge that you will not be able to face. You become unstoppable and a success in your generation.

How can one be courageous? You may ask.
Faith in God can make one courageous because he knows that God always got his back. This in turn can lead to confidence in oneself(high self-esteem). When you are confident, you walk, talk and act like the champion and the winner that you are.

In conclusion, the need for courage in achieving your goals and dreams can not be underestimated. Always remember, courageous people are winners.

Thanks for reading and God bless you.

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