I write because I love writing and this love inspires me to use my writings to inspire and bless lives because I don’t see how God would give me a gift and I won’t use it to his glory. If my writing doesn’t bless lives then I’ve failed God and I don’t want to fail him.
Am I making sense? I hope I’m making sense?
Quick question – Why do you write?

Thanks for reading and God bless you.


7 thoughts on “WHY DO I WRITE?

  1. You are very inspirational! I enjoy writing too, I think for many reasons. I enjoy putting thoughts to paper as I love to journal. I find writing very therapeutic and it helps me sort out the many thoughts rambling around in my head. I enjoy your passion and even though I do not express my love for God in my writings, I Believe he his here guiding me through life. I love your authentic you and I think you are a very special person. I know you will stay true to yourself and spread the beautiful words for God and for you! 💞💞💞

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