Some years ago, my father employed a tiler to help with the tiling of our house, the tiler had done the job in the living room and kitchen when me and my family came to see the job done. We headed to the living room first and we noticed so many miscalculations and also the tiles were not laid well, then, we headed to the kitchen and it was worse, the kitchen looked ugly because the way the tiles were laid was an eyesore. My father fired the man as he didn’t want him to take his “nonsense” to the rest of the house. My father employed another tiler and told him to destroy the work of the former tiler and redo it. Well, we were all impressed with his work, everything was in order, the kitchen looked so beautiful and we were happy to let the tiler continue to the rooms and balconies.

What am I trying to bring out of this story?

This two tilers had one goal and that was to make money. It could be that the first tiler didn’t like his job or he had the mentality that he would just lay the tiles whichever way and as long as the tiles are laid, it is a job well done but the second tiler didn’t just lay the tiles professionally but he was passionate about what he was doing. Imagine the chances the first tiler missed : my dad can never recommend him to anyone.

The same goes to us, the way we go about our daily lives matter, in our careers, businesses and even academics, it all matters. Stop doing the things you are not passionate about, you will never yield good results from it. Do the things that makes you happy, the things that bring you joy, continue to learn and grow in that field you are passionate about because someone out there is watching you, seeing your passion and wondering how he can help you move forward. People that are promoted in different areas of their lives are not promoted because they are more brilliant or have more experience than others, they are promoted because they put their heart into what they do.

In conclusion, as one of my friends always tell me, ” whatever you do, do it well”.

Blogger Awards : I would love to thank Fiona for nominating me for the Liebster and blogger recognition award. I love Fiona’s blog so much, she writes about the books she reads and she also gives great advice. Her blog is very inspiring. Check out Fiona’s blog onlifewithfi.wordpress.com

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