Striving to achieve your goals and dreams or to make a positive difference in the world can be likened to running a race with your eyes fixed on the prize but you can’t run any race in life without first getting on your mark which is the starting point and then complying with the last two instructions (get set and go). Let me simplify what I mean this way;
ON YOUR MARK– You’ve set your goals, you know exactly what you want, you are not confused about where you are going. You’ve secured your lane and made up your mind to stick to it no matter the distractions and oppositions you face from people along the way.
GET SET– You’ve made the decision to take that huge step in achieving your goals and dreams. You’ve reach the point of being “unstoppable”. It’s too late to turn back now. You’ve got your plans and strategies in place and now you are ready to…
GO– You are self-motivated, you may get tired along the way but you are never giving up because you know that the finish line is closer than you think. Your success is closer than you know and you are sure to emerge the winner.

Thanks for reading and God bless you.

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