Talent is a natural ability to be good at something, especially without being taught. Everyone is born with a talent, a skill you are good at more than anything else. A talent is something you are most passionate about.

Talent may be singing, dancing, drawing but whatever your talent is, it is not meant to be hidden but for the world to see and appreciate.

Precious minerals like diamond are not seen at the surface of the earth, you have to dig deep to bring forth this mineral and even after being dug up, it doesn’t show its beauty until it is polished. In the same way, your talents need to be worked on first of all by great digging to unlock its potentials after which it has to be polished to show its beauty and worth to the world.

You never know what opportunities your talents may bring. Your talent makes the world to see a better you. Every single day gives us an opportunity to improve our talent.

I want you to know that diamonds reflects beauty but talent reflects greatness. Your talent is more precious than diamond, don’t despise it and don’t be ashamed of it. Work on your talent, improve it, build on it and let your light shine brighter and brighter every single day.

Thanks for reading.


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