This lockdown has stopped people from doing things that they normally do in their daily lives but the sad part is that some people are using this lockdown as an excuse to do nothing meaningful. Before the lockdown, some of us had dreams, passion and goals that were kept on hold because of busy and tight schedule but now that your busy schedule is now on hold, make yourself busy by working on your dreams and passion.

The fact that we are on lockdown doesn’t make our thinking to be on lockdown, it doesn’t make our passion, dreams and goals to be on lockdown. I want you to see this lockdown as an opportunity to do things differently. Use this period for self improvement, learn new things and build yourself.

Since the lockdown began, i have been working on my reading skills, i have been improving my singing by voice training and i have also been building myself spiritually by studying the bible. I have been creative with my hands, i am learning new things everyday because learning never ends.

Do things differently this period, take a bold step and develop yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Learn new things and gain more knowledge and in this way, you are going to come out of this lockdown a better, stronger, wiser and a more determined person on the way to manifesting yourself to the world.

What are the things you are doing differently or want to do differently this period? Please share in the comment section below and let’s make this post an interactive one.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I know some people who are using this lockdown as an excuse to do nothing meaningful not understanding the reason for the lockdown is sad but also an opportunity for unlimited achievements. I telework from 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., and afterward work on spiritual blogging, book manuscripts, catch up on reading while being thankful and enjoying family and life.

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