The kind of food you eat determines the state of your health but sadly, some people neglect this part of their well being. They eat a lot of junks and take drinks that could damage their health. I’m not saying that eating junks is bad but eating too much of it is what makes it bad.

Many people become sick because they are not eating healthy. They sometimes spend a greater part of their money on hospital bills and drugs. I want you to know that nobody is happy spending their money on treatment of sickness or disease, nobody is happy on a sick bed, a person cannot be happy when he doesn’t do the things he loves to do because he is sick.

Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables is very good for the body, not only does it make the body strong and healthy, it also makes the body immune to sickness and diseases.

One of the ways to stay happy is to stay healthy, so, control the way you eat junks, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, drink a lot of water each day and always keep it in mind that your health and happiness is very important.

Thanks for reading.

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