DISCONNECT yourself from people that do not impact your life positively – They will bring you down to their level and derail you from achieving your goals and dreams.

DISCONNECT yourself from the people and things that make you unhappy – Your happiness is the most important asset of your life.

DISCONNECT yourself from anything stressful – Stress can negatively affect your health and your general wellbeing.

DISCONNECT yourself from noise – You can’t live in the midst of noise and make the most of the treasure called mind ( Bishop David Oyedepo).

DISCONNECT yourself from fear – Fear builds nothing but can destroy all things.

Many people remain in the same spot because they fail to disconnect. In order to move forward and advance in life, you have to disconnect. Disconnection is also one of the steps to achieving your goals and dreams.

Is there anything you feel or know that we should disconnect from but is not mentioned above? Please, make use of the comment section so we could learn more.

Thanks for reading.

19 thoughts on “DISCONNECT!

  1. Disconnect yourself from your worries, it is not going to solve anything. Instead start thinking about the solutions, if you can’t forgetting about the problem for a while can also help in solving it

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