To achieve your goals and dreams, being motivated by people, books and messages is not enough, you also need to be self-motivated. Nobody will push you to achieve your goals and dreams, you have to push yourself, nobody will cheer you on along the way, you have to be your own cheerleader and this is where self-motivation comes in and I’m going to share with you one of the ways to be self-motivated and that is through imagination.

God designed every human being with the power to imagine but that’s not all. Amazingly, whatever we imagine is what we see being manifested in our lives, so if you imagine success, that’s what you will see and if you imagine failure, that’s exactly what you will see manifesting in your life. Imagining the future and great things you want to achieve can push you to take steps towards achieving your goals and dreams. We are never limited in our imagination, so imagination can make you to aim higher. It is a pity that many people are ignorant of the power of imagination and therefore cannot use it to Maximise their lives but that’s not the case with us, we have the knowledge of it and knowledge is power.

Don’t waste your time and start making good use of your imagination. Imagine yourself in that executive chair, imagine yourself in that private jet, imagine yourself speaking before a crowd of people, imagine yourself dining with presidents, kings, governors. Just imagine and you will begin to take practical steps to turn your imagination into reality.

Thanks for reading and God bless you.


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