Smile is a facial expression characterized by an upward curving corners of the mouth and it indicates pleasure, amusement or derision.

Smiling has more effects in our lives than just indicating pleasure or amusement which i will be discussing in this post.

– SMILING MAKES US TO LOOK YOUNGER THAN OUR AGE:- Most of us would agree that people who smiles a lot always looks younger than their age because they don’t stress their facial muscles which tend to make their face and skin fresher each day.

– SMILING HELPS US TO LIVE HEALTHY:- People that smile a lot are always joyous and this helps in the proper functioning of the heart and so they tend to live a healthy lifestyle.

– OUR SMILE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN SOMEONE’S LIFE:- Our smile can make someone to feel better, it can help to boost someone’s confidence. Imagine going for an interview and you feel a little bit frightened or afraid and all of a sudden, the interviewer smiles at you, you know that you will definitely feel at ease and you will be more confident. Some people needs this type of boost through our smile.

– YOUR SMILE FRUSTRATES YOUR ENEMIES:- When i say your enemies, i mean the people that do not like you, the people that do not want the best for you. We have such people in our lives, they will want to discourage you, they will want to put up a fight with you but when you smile, they are heavily frustrated and they tend to leave you alone because they cannot deal with your smile.

In conclusion:- No matter how you feel or what you have been through, always stay strong and never stop smiling and when life gives you one reason to frown, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.

Thanks for reading.

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